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Year 4 Reports

Final Marketing Report

Previous Year's Reports

ere is where all the ChallengeX reports are kept. There is a lot of information about the design of the vehicle and the control systems used. There is also reports on the outreach program.

Technical Reports

Spring 2007 Report pdf

Outreach Reports

2006 Outreach Report 1 pdf

2007 Outreach Report 2 pdf

Year 3 Final Outreach Report pdf


The presentation links contain the presentations given for the K-12 program as well as other presentations the team has made.

Catholic High School Presentation 2006 pdf

ASME Technical Presentation pdf

Progress Report 1 2007 pdf

Technical Presentation 2006 pdf



The following pdf's are the informational year 3 posters for Team Tennessee.

Engine Fuel and Aftertreatment pdf

Electric Hybrid Design and Control Systems pdf

Noise Vibration and Harshness pdf


Archived Reports

Spring 2006 Technical Report

Fall 2005 Technical Report

Tennessee Report 1

Tennessee Report 2

Tennessee Report 3

Tennessee Report 4

Tennessee Report 5

The Use of Virtual Instrumentation in the Development