ME 449 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

This course designs and conducts experiments. Important aspects of the course are conformance with test standards and specifications, the analysis of data, and the formation and reporting of conclusions. Topics covered include: 
Vehicle coastdowns 
Chassis dynamometer matching 
Emissions testing 
Fuel economy measurements 
Engine dynamometer testing 
Battery performance 
Electric motor efficiency 
Vehicle dynamic performance 

ME 450 Mechanical Engineering Design I

This course provides an introduction to the mechanical design process, and serves as a prerequisite for ME students to register for ME 449 in the spring semester. Several specific, limited-scope, design projects, related to the Challenge X competition, are assigned to highlight portions of the design process. Other topics covered include: engineering economics, ethics, product liability, design standards, dimensioning and tolerance. 

ME 460 Mechanical Engineering Design II

This course is the second semester of ME 450, the course is built around preparing the Equinox for the ChallengeX competition following the end of the semester.

ME 480/588 Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicles

This course introduces students to hybrid electric vehicle terminology and technology. Topics covered include: 
Analysis of vehicle and powertrain performance 
Environmental impact of vehicles 
Engines and exhaust emissions 
Exhaust emission after-treatment technology 
Electric motors and drives 
High-voltage systems and safety 
Energy storage technology  . 


Past courses

ME 494 Internal Combustion Engines

Topics covered in this course include: 
Thermochemical phenomena in combustion and propulsion engines 
Combustion and detonation 
Equilibrium and dissociation 
Analysis of combustion engine using ideal and real fluids 
Laboratory experiments are conducted as part of the course. 

ME 469 FutureTruck Design Project

This is the undergraduate capstone design project. In this course, the design of the UTK FutureTruck will be completed. This includes: 
Complete design specifications and documentation 
CAD drawings of new or modified components 
Cost analysis of the HEV conversion 
Safety analysis 
Video walk-throughs of the design 
Reports for the FutureTruck2002 competition 
Oral presentation of the design projects 
Students completing this course are eligible to attend the FutureTruck 2002 competition at Ford's Arizona Proving Ground in June, 2002

ME 589 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Control Systems Design and Analysis

Topics covered in this course include: 
Dynamic modeling, simulation and analysis of complete hybrid electric vehicle systems 
Linear control design techniques and discrete logic design applied to HEV powertrains and operating mode controls 
Digital and real-time control and hardware issues in automotive systems 
Design and human factors issues of vehicle controls and displays 

ME 689 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Advanced Controls

Topics covered in this course include: 
Nonlinear modeling control issues associated with HEV powertrains 
Fuzzy and neural control techniques 
Adaptive and optimal control schemes for vehicle performance enhancement 
Review of modern automotive control hardware 
Software trends and practices 

ECE 599 HEV Motor Drives


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