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Team Tennessee works strongly to promote the idea of sustainable mobility in and around East Tennessee. The philosophy behind Team Tennessee's outreach program can be found in the Year 4 Challenge X Marketing Report.

Final Marketing Report

Outreach Update



         Year 4 Outreach Blog        _______________________________________________________

Blog Highlights

October 18 - 2007

Year 4 Kickoff Press Conference at Engineer's Day.

Get Your Hybridized Motor Running

Get a tour of UT's new biodiesel-electric hybrid and see how it drives

Challenge X aims for a greener, more efficient automobile

Press Event Pictures

Setting Up for the Press Conference.


Team Members answering questions from East Tennessee High School Students

Ride and Drive Start (Nice Sign)


October 2 - 2007

The Revolution X is displayed outside of Dougherty Engineering Building before and after a SAE meeting about auto crossing.

The history of the Revolution X's stint as an autocross vehicle is legendary.


October 2- 2007

The UT Student Chapter of SAE proudly displays UT Challenge X information in the SAE case.

 This case is in the major hallway of the Mechanical Engineering building. The case is behind a popular bench that students use when waiting for class.


October 1 - 2007

Team Tennessee sets up a Challenge X kiosk in Dougherty Engineering Building


 The kiosk contains posters, articles, and brochures about the UT Challenge X program. The kiosk is also a draw to the Automotive Engineering program at UTK

Challenge X Kiosk


August 14 - 2007

Team Tennessee showcases the Revolution X to scientists and Automotive Researchers

at the National Transportation Research Center at The Oak Ridge National Laboratory

 Team Leader Scott Curran and Faculity advisor Dr. Irick show off and answer questions to the staff at the NTRC.



Dr. Irick explaining the benefits of having integrated power electronics in the Cobasys battery pack.


August 9 - 2007

UT Challenge X Presents Year 3 results to the ETCFC (East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition)

Year 4 Team Leader Scott Curran parked the Revolution X outside the ETCFC meeting place and gave a brief presentation about the Year 3 results at the Milford Proving Grounds and told the Coalition members about the opportunities for Year 4.



SAE Student Chapter Supports AWIM- June 30, 2007

  The AWIM expereince presented by Challenge X team members along with UT Biodiesel and SWE is published in the AWIM newsletter for June 2007


For Year 3 Outreach events visit the Year 3 Outreach Page

To work with the Tennessee Challenge X team on collaborative outreach and education events please contact Amanda Womac