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Team Tennessee. Year 4


At the University of Tennessee Challenge X is a capstone senior design project for seniors in mechanical engineering and occasionally for electrical and computer engineering students. This means that each year there is an entirely new team. The team is lead by graduate student team leaders under the guidance of a faculty advisor.


Faculty Advisor

Dr. David 'Butch' Irick

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Irick's research interests are, Automotive testing for emissions and performance. Hybrid electric vehicle design and system integration. The use of alternative fuels (methanol, ethanol, natural gas, bio-diesel) in vehicles. Computer integrated engineering and manufacturing.


Team Leaders


Scott Curran

Graduate student in Mechanical Engineering, UT Biodiesel Coordinator


Scott's research interests include E85 retrofit for Race Kart and Mower applications, biodiesel production and application, and diesel exhaust aftertreatments. Scott races an E85 Race Kart and works at the NTRC at ORNL. Scott is part of the UT Biodiesel project.



Sean Peterson

Graduate student in Mechanical Engineering, UT Biodiesel Researcher


Sean is a consummate autocrosser and biodiesel enthusiast. Sean drives a VW Quantum running on B20 biodiesel. Sean races a 1979 race prepped Scirocco as well as an AWD Turbo Talon. Sean is also involved in the UT Biodiesel project.


Outreach Advisor

Jonathan Overly

Executive Director of The ETCFC, ISSE Staff

Mr. Overly's interests and expertise led him to establish the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition (ETCFC) within the EERC in February 2002. The ETCFC focuses on improving regional air quality while building an alternative fuel industry/economy in East Tennessee. The coalition draws a diverse group of members to monthly meetings, where local and regional partnerships are forged.

Outreach Coordinator


Amanda Womac


Graduate Assistant COE Communications, Assistant Editor of Hellbender press


Amanda is a graduate student in communications/ journalism. Amanda is a strong proponent of social and environmental justice.  Amanda brings a lot of outreach and media experience to the team. Amanda is also the assistant editor at the Hellbender press, the premier environmental publication in East Tennessee




  • Rear Subframe
    • Matthew Ball
    • Kevin Mitcham
    • Matthew Pulliam
  • Fuel Tank
    • J.D. Elder
    • Andrew Jordan
    • Carl Justice
  • High voltage system cooling
    • Samuel Lettiere
    • Anthony Ragghianti
  • Series regenerative brake pedal system
    • Adrian Grigg
    • Steven Jenkins
  • SCR catalyst
    • Wyane Ferguson
    • Ben Shepard
  • Noise, vibration and harshness testing
    • Ravi Jayasundera
  • Controls Testing
    • Josh Carter
    • Michael Cross
    • Eric Koenn
    • Jerome Taylor
  • Emissions Testing
    • Stuart Daniels
    • Chase Donahue
    • Elvin O'neal
  • Outreach Subcommittee
  •     Jonathan Overly
  •     Scott Curran
  •     Amanda Womac
  •     Eric Koenn
  •     Adrian Grigg
  •     Stephen Jenkins