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Year 4 Competition


The Year 4 competition will take place from cost to coast.


Stage 1 was be a 40 mile road rally from Los Angeles to Anaheim that ended at the 23rd annual Electric Vehicle Symposium.


Team Tennessee completed the first stage of the competition with no major problems. After completing the safety inspection, the team drove the Revolution X over 40 miles without any problems through sunny southern California. The outreach team successfully presented the marketing report and received their second outreach grant of the competition. A highlight of the tour was tour of Jay Leno's garage and a chance to meet Jay Leno!




Stage 2 will be a 600 mile road rally from N.Y. to D.C. with events in Baltimore and Philadelphia along the way.

Competition events include fuel economy, emissions, acceleration, handling and others that make sure teams have built vehicles that are not only fuel efficient but that can perform in the real world.  The team will leave for the second stage in May.

The goals of the competition are as follows:

The Challenge X teams will construct vehicles that, when compared with the stock vehicle,

  • Significantly reduce well-to-wheels energy consumption;
  • Incorporate technologies that increase energy efficiency and reduce fossil energy consumption and emissions on the basis of on a total fuel cycle (well-to-wheels analysis);
  • Significantly reduce criteria tailpipe emissions and greenhouse gases;
  • Increase pump-to-wheels fuel economy; and
  • Maintain or exceed consumer acceptability in the areas of performance, utility, and safety.

More details will be added when they are announced to the teams.