Research Facilities




The College has an engine laboratory devoted to engine testing located in the Mechanical Engineering building on the Knoxville campus. In addition, a chassis dynamometer is located in an adjacent laboratory. The total floor space in this facility dedicated to automotive testing is approximately 2600 square feet. Available equipment includes engines, dynamometers, engine analyzers, emission measurement instruments, a dilution tunnel, and other miscellaneous testing equipment. One of the motoring engine dynamometers includes a low temperature test cell capable of -35(C, and several of the dynamometers are well suited to testing of electric motors in the HEV size range. The College also has a 3500 sq. ft. vehicle laboratory, well equipped with various machine tools, that supports student projects. In order to assist in the conduct of experimental work, the Mechanical Engineering Department has complete machine shop facilities staffed by three full-time machinists. Additionally, a full-time electronics technician is available for consultation.

Engine Laboratory

AC Engine Dynamometer
     60 hp 
DC Engine Dynamometers
     (2) 300 hp motoring 
     500 hp motoring 
Eddy current dynamometers
     800 hp 
     600 hp 
     400 hp 
     25 hp 
Water-brake dynamometer 
     150 hp 

Vehicle Laboratory 

Twin-roller chassis dynamometer 
  250 hP capacity 

Vehicle Fabrication Laboratory  

3 Garage Bays 
     3500 sq. feet 
Shop Facilities
     Machine tools 
     Specialized   tooling 


Point of Contact: David Irick (phone: 865-974-0863,